Print Protocols


If you use Network Printing devices you have to check wath protocols you need to access that printer. Network Protocols Standard Network protocols on HP Printdevices are: TCP/IP IPX/SPX DLC/LCC AplleTalk Use only the ones that your really need! If you run a TCP/IPBased network without Apple Computers or Novell Clients just set the TCP/IP Stack. Disbale all the others so they don't send all kinds of network packets over your … [Read more...]

HP Web Jetadmin Printer management Software

HP Web JetAdmin Software

If you want to get a good overview of the Printers installed on you network, you really want this Free Software from Hewlett Packard. Not only does it give you a great overview of all your printdevices, but you can also see several other things. For Instance: How many pages are printed on that printer How full are the toner catridges at the moment Is there new Firmware to install What is the serial number of the device One … [Read more...]

Network Monitoring Guidelines


If you build a Network Monitoring system you will find out that there is a lot of information that you can get via the SNMP Protocol. You have to make some choices on what you want to monitor and when you want to receive a notification about a certain event and how you want to receive it. Start by making a basic monitoring plan, think about what you want to see: For example: Disc space usage on Servers, SAN or NAS devices CPU usage … [Read more...]

Basic Network Monitoring Tools

Paessler Network Monitoring Software

There are several tools with which you can monitor your network. First, what has Network Documentation to do with Network Monitoring? More then you might think! Because you need to now the ins- and outs of your network you look at your doumentation to find out what critical devices you got. Depending on that information you can start building a monitoring system. Here are several tools that you will find very usefull: Use the … [Read more...]

NetworkDNA Structure


The basic structure of the NetworkDNA System is as follows: Section 1 - Non Network Information Section 2 - Network Globals Section 3 - Network Infrastucture Section 4 - Network Devices Section 5 - Peripherals Section 6 - Software Section 7 - Administrative Section 8 - Service Level Agreemets SLA Section 9 - Diagrams … [Read more...]